Volume One: Limited Edition

Volume One: Limited Edition


Snare one of the 750 limited edition versions of B-Squad's first volume!  

One of Mental Floss Magazine's Most Interesting Comics of the Week!
Get Volume One of B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune direct from the creators!

Reading Age
If they've seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or Gremlins... they should be okay.


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B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune was one of Mental Floss' Most Interesting Comics of the Week! This edition collects the first 5 issues of B-Squad, creating a giant-size-8"x10" 124 page book encased in an elegant shimmering chipboard slipcase. 

Ridiculous misfits & mercenaries are sent around the world on dangerous missions. In Volume One, they face off against sadistic hipsters poaching free-range mogwai, a celebrity-nabbing masking tape wizard & his magical city, a tidal wave of wiener dogs in Hawaii and a bunch of James Cameron fans bent on raiding a derelict British nuclear submarine!

Our numbered Limited Edition version features a silver foil numbering and is a one-time printing of 750 units. 

B-Squad is created and written by Eben E.B. Burgoon. 
Artwork of B-Squad was created by the following artists: