A comic book series following the follies & failures of a squad of misfit mercenaries.

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B-Squad #1 - Digital Download


B-Squad #1 - Digital Download


B-Squad is sent to a strange cancer research facility which is attempting to use a limited supply of endangered and highly inbred “mogwui” creatures to cure cancer in children. B-Squad is sent in to attempt to protect the population of free-range mogwui from a mysterious group of poachers!

Reviews and Buzz About B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune

"leave-it-to-fate insanity!"

Todd DeZago, The Perhapanauts!

"It looks like a blast!"

Christopher Hastings, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

"The easiest way to think of this story is if the A-Team sucked at what they do, but it was awesome to watch them fail in the process."
4 out of 5!

Comic Bastards

"Comics like this are much needed because we can get so caught up in our big events and melodramatic spandex wearing characters that we forget to just kick back and have a good time."

Comic Attack

"It's like watching South Park, but everybody is Kenny!"

J. Fitch from Geek Life podcast

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