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The easiest way to think of this story is if the A-Team sucked at what they do, but it was awesome to watch them fail in the process.
— Comic Bastards

Ridiculous. Dangerous. Expendable.

That's B-Squad in a nutshell. A series of comic misadventures, wacky characters, and deadly die-determined fate. Series creator Eben Burgoon teams with curated selection of rising and emerging talent to produce comics that are utterly wacky and give a creative confidence boost to the art teams that make it.  


Following he misadventures of a mercenary squad made up of misfits and weirdos not quite ready for primetime. The roster of B-Squad is filled with oddballs like:

  • A master of the Bro-Arts
  • Swimsuit model turned big game hunter
  • A Canadian private eye with a checkered past
  • A matronly WW2 Commando bent on crossing off her bucket list!
  • A killer cat lady that trains her feral cats to become living weapons


Being a bargain bin mercanary squad attracts equally strange and ridiculous missions. B-Squad's missions thus far have ranged from foiling a hivemind of dachshunds bent on ransacking Hawaii to scrounging for winning lottery tickets in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


Every mission, the roll of a die determines which one of the mercenary misfits will die!

The creator of B-Squad, Eben Burgoon, uses an antique six-sided gambling totem to determine which of the mercenary will be killed off the series and replaces the dead character with a brand new squad member at the start of the next mission.

Who Makes B-Squad?

Creator and series author Eben Burgoon utilizes B-Squad as a platform for giving paid work to under-discovered artists looking to work with a writer and expand their art skills.

The crowd-publishing wizardry of Kickstarter makes it possible for Burgoon to create paying work environment for each art team. You can support the squad through buying our books and other high-quality merchandise like socks, doodle journals, and even original art pieces or wait for next crowd funding campaign and get our never spammy mailing list! 

Core Creative Team

It’s “The Expendables” meets “Archer” in a wild and hilarious romp featuring bottom-of-the-barrel mercenaries taking on the jobs no one else will! Every issue the wheel of fate turns and claims another member of the squad to make room for someone new to join the next crazy adventure. You’ll laugh. You’ll mourn. You’ll yell “WTF!?”
— The Comic Book Herald
Comics like this are much needed because we can get so caught up in our big events and melodramatic spandex wearing characters that we forget to just kick back and have a good time.
— Comic Attack